Bloom Lagoon - Will the stoke survive?

It's an interesting scenario to think about. Do you have a plan for when the water from your tap spills out too contaminated to drink? How about if that tap dries up all together? These day's its hard to keep track of all the ways humanity is sending our planet to hell in a hand basket. Regardless of how it comes to pass, if some version of the end happens in your life time, do you know exactly what you would do to survive?

In his newest Great Lakes surf film Bloom Lagoon, Andrew Wyton paints a picture of a post apocalyptic world where we meet one of the rare human survivors. This grizzly character is mystically transported back in time to a place where he shared tasty waves with his buds on the shores on the Great Lakes. 

The film itself focuses on The Lake Erie Algae Bloom, which Andrew frames up to be the catalyst of the mass human die off. "The algae bloom is something we experience almost every year surfing Lake Erie, and it's one of those negative things that is tied to our impact on the planet. It's toxic to surf in and it kills everything in it's path. I wanted to create something that made people think about their connection to our lakes and our planet."

Though a global algae bloom likely won't cause a massive decline in the human population anytime soon, it's also hard for us to say definitively that it couldn't. We will leave the science to the scientist, but also heavily support any and all efforts by people like Andrew, whose film will ultimately raise a turn of awareness for a major issue affecting the health of our Great Lakes. 

Bloom Lagoon | A Short Film about Great Lake Surfing from Andrew Wyton on Vimeo.



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