Earthships: a sustainable lifestyle for all.

Communities can, and should, live harmoniously with each other and the planet. We believe that reducing our carbon footprint, learning to give back to the earth, and bridging the gaps between communities are the best ways to protect this blue and green marble we call home.

That’s exactly what the Chippewa Sustainable Living Project by Building Better is all about.

With the goal of promoting a sustainable lifestyle, the project focuses on building earthships - a type of environmentally-friendly housing unit. Combined with lessons in sustainable living, this initiative is meant to empower all participants involved. This is a party with a purpose!

Life of Leisure will be hosting “Building Better Fest” on Saturday, January 13th from 7:00pm to 1:00am to help raise money for the cause. We talked to our very own Mitch Taylor about what got him involved and excited about the project.

Q: What got you most excited about the initiative?

A: Earthships, the sustainable building techniques used, and the idea of living off the grid is amazing, especially given the current state of our planet. You need to have a deep understanding of nature and the natural forces around you to make an Earthship happen. Surfing is a microcosm of that type of relationship with nature.

As a business, and as an individual, I think it's important to bridge that gap between ourselves and nature. I think it's easy to lose that connection, especially living in an urban environment. I'm grateful that our space can be used to cultivate that type of energy.

Q: Why do you think this project will make a difference?

A: This event isn't just about fostering a connection between people and nature, but also about strengthening the connection between two distinctly different cultural groups. I think anytime you create a safe environment for that to happen, you are doing something meaningful.

Q: How do you think Life of Leisure's values align with this initiative?

A: We love our neighbours, we love nature, we love good music, and we love to party. What else can I say?

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To donate to the cause, visit their gofundme:

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