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It's an interesting experience to have had this gone from an idea, to what it is now. Something like six years ago I launched this website as a travel blog. I was in Costa Rica and I wanted to know how all the different people in the town we were visiting, Santa Teresa, had traded in whatever life they were living, from wherever in the world they were from, for a life in paradise. I was fixated on the idea of a lifestyle that felt full, of excitement, of inspiration, of good vibes and good times. I didn't want to feel like I was just giving away the majority of the time I get on this planet to the highest bidder. At the end of the day, that's what this is really about, time.

Leisure, defined as simply as possible, is free time. But there is an inherent paradox in describing time as free. It just isn't. It is limited. It is a resource that gets more scarce with each passing moment, and therefore becomes intrinsically more valuable every second of everyday we're alive.  Without getting to esoteric (time is a flat circle, bra!), our days are limited. That's the reality. Every moment we waste, is one we won't get back.

This brand, this business, this website, and that initial idea of a Life of Leisure, has always been about how I use and view time. It's been my excuse to distill and define what has become both my personal and professional mission, and by extension the mission of this company: We want to work with and learn from the most interesting people in the world. We want to create social artifacts and tell stories that inspire a sense of community.

Community to us is an inherently global concept, in which our relationships to each other and our planet are one and the same. It amazes me that my curiosity for, and exploration of this relationship, has led to this point. Like any journey, it hasn't been easy, but it has ultimately led to what we stand for as a brand and a business. 

Our logo, the palm tree and the pine tree, are a visual representation of opposites in the world. They conjure up images of vastly different environments. What I've learned, is that no matter where you are, no matter what you're dealing with, your perspective is always something you have the ability to control. It isn't always easy (in fact for many it can be unbelievably complicated), but we truly believe that paradise is a state of mind, and with mindfulness and practice, you can bring that state of mind to any situation.

The world is a place where this perspective is constantly challenged. Our true hope is that in doing what we do, we stand as a pillar of positivity and inspiration for anyone who is potentially catching a negative vibe.

I am incredibly stoked to still be on this mission everyday. I encourage you to ask yourself, if you had unlimited free time and no responsibility, what would you do? You might find that the answer isn't all that unattainable.

For everyone who has supported me on this journey, I can't thank you enough!

If you told me six years ago I'd be working with the team we have now, towards the projects currently on the table, I wouldn't have believed you. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

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