Leisure Pullover Hoodie

Leisure Pullover Hoodie

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When making the Leisure Pullover Hoodie, we considered every detail, because we believe that like with everything else in life, the fine details need to be appreciated. Our passions are the great outdoors and the friends and family we share it with — that's where we drew our inspiration from for this one-of-a-kind hoodie.

- Available in black, white, or navy
- Made in Canada
- Environmentally friendly fabric blend - 50% organic cotton, 50% rayon from bamboo
- Ultra soft fleece 
- Modern fit

Our ultra-warm, ultra-soft, pullover hoodies are perfect for that late night sea breeze or that early morning airport chill. No matter where you are in the world, our hoodies wear like a warm hug from grandma — whether you're looking for a black hoodie, a white hoodie, or a navy one — you'll experience nothing but pure comfort.

There's no sense in hiding what you are all about. If you're like us, you're about leisure and free time — kept that way intentionally so that each moment can be spent on the things that matter to us most.

Our world is too inspiring to waste time on the little things in life. ""Leisure"" — those seven letters represent our commitment to never become complacent, and to always use your own time to its fullest.

We manufacture all of our shirts, including the Leisure Pullover Hoodie, only 207 kilometres from our headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada. Our clothing is made with all natural fabrics, so that when you toss your cool hoodie in the washing machine, you don't need to worry about contributing to the synthetic waste problem in our water.

We put a lot of time into thinking about our product and our manufacturing process, because it matters — we're for a no holds barred enjoyment of life. Our mission is to provide sustainable and high quality products to the world — our beautiful planet and the people who live here deserve the best. For this simple reason, we believe we have created the best hoodie imaginable.