Classic Walnut Cruiser Board

Classic Walnut Cruiser Board

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The Classic Walnut Cruiser Board is a unique one-off wood grain marvel. With only a small powder blue print of our classic palm to pine logo below the bottom truck, we opted to let the natural beauty of this one-of-a-kind mini cruiser speak for itself.


  • One-of-a-kind
  • Made from Walnut hardwood
  • Made in Canada
  • Logo below bottom truck
  • Dimensions: 26"" Long x 6 1/2"" Wide
  • Weighs 3 kg
  • 108 mm Raw Paris Trucks
  • 52 mm 100a blank white wheels


Our durable and dependable cruiser skateboards are hand shaped using locally sourced lumber. Their design is inspired by the time and place where skate and surf culture comes from. The distinct wood grain makes each mini skate a completely unique and fully functional piece of art. Their size and shape make them the perfect alternative to the "Penny Board", and these cruiser boards are amazing to travel with.