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Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club

A collective acknowledgment of our ability to walk a path that fits our perspective

Our brand identifier, the Palm to Pine, cuts to the heart of this perspective, and communicates an ideal that we all strive for. We believe that no matter where you are, and no matter what the elements may throw at you, Leisure is a choice and paradise is a state of mind. This is our collective pursuit.
Our brand was founded out of a love for surf and travel culture, and has evolved to honour the wonderful relationship we experience with each other and nature all over the world. Each day we strive to become a more aligned and integrated medium for spreading good vibrations.
We make quality gear for a good vibe lifestyle.



Besides building on our corporate responsibility and ethical standards, our eco-friendly apparel line provides our consumers a way to give back to the environment as well.

Organic Cotton

The cotton used to make our products is farmed without insecticides, pesticides, & chemical fertilizers.

Bamboo & Hemp

Bamboo/Hemp both grow exceptionally fast—bamboo can grow up to 91cm/day and is naturally insect resistant. This means less water and no insecticides.