What We're About

At Life of Leisure, we advocate for an all encompassing approach to enjoying and loving life. Our mission is simple: offer sustainable, high quality products to the people we share this beautiful planet with. They both deserve our best.

Reducing our carbon footprint is hugely important to us. This is why we choose to manufacture our clothing only 207 km away from our headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada. We also use all natural fabrics to make our environmentally sustainable clothing, so you can wash your Leisure gear knowing that you're not contributing to the synthetic waste pollution in our oceans, lakes, and rivers.


Passion & Purpose

We are a collective of adventurers, and creators who live with passion and purpose. We aim to make products and tell stories that promote healthy relationships with nature and each other.

Whether on the beach under a palm, or in the mountains amongst the pines, we breathe deep and do our best to cherish every moment. We believe life is meant to be an adventure and that paradise is a state of mind.