Claim Your Leisure 5 Panel Hat

Claim Your Leisure 5 Panel Hat

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Our Claim Your Leisure 5-Panel Hat comes in three different colours, earth, stone, and sand. Whether you are beach side, in the bush, by the bonfire, or at the bar, these five panel hats let people know exactly what you’re all about.

- Available in earth, stone, or tan colours
- 100% cotton
- Metal eyelets 
- Nylon strap clip closure
- Designed in Canada

“Leisure” — this seven-letter word represents our commitment to living life to the fullest, and owning your own time like a champion. This isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle, and it's printed dead centre on this 5 panel cap.

Some things in life you have to do for yourself. Claim your leisure at every chance you get, because our time on this beautiful planet is limited.