Palm to Pine 5 Panel Hat

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Our Palm to Pine 5-Panel Hat is built for the borderless nomad who has an elemental understanding of how to live life to the fullest. They know to look for real experiences on the edge of their comfort zone. They seek inspiration in every corner of the globe, because they're curious, and that's all the motivation they need to pack their bag and go.

- Available in stone, tan, or olive 
- Palm to pine logo embroidered on front
- 100% Cotton
- Metal eyelets 
- Nylon strap clip closure
- Designed in Canada

This camper hat features our classic palm to pine logo in white, stitched in the front panel. Our five panel hat comes in stone, tan, or olive. This hybrid palm tree and pine tree design is a nod to those who live each day with curiosity, passion, and an appreciation for living in the moment. It doesn't matter whether you're surrounded by palm tress or pines — paradise is a state of mind.