Surf + Social Club Dad Hat

Surf + Social Club Dad Hat

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The Surf + Social Club Dad Hat represents who we are and where we came from. However, our company is much more than just cool dad hats.

- 100% Cotton
- Strapback closure with brass buckle
- Designed in Canada 

It started as a simple desire to find more excuses to escape with our friends and catch waves. It was this simple pursuit that eventually led to a much more complex realization. We realized that our role — as surfers, as creatives, as business owners — could not be taken lightly. Every decision we make and every action we take has an impact on the environment around us and the people we share it with. Collectively, we made a simple decision to acknowledge that connection rather than ignore it, and let that drive what we create and why.

We don't claim to be anything other than enthusiasts who draw on the vast inspiration this life has to offer, and create things, like our dad caps, that are meant to pay our respect. Our origins are simple, our aim is authentic. The Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club is our label, and our classic fitting dad hat is one of our favourite pieces to wear.

Choose from navy, black, or white in this hat style. This dad hat also features our classic palm to pine logo.