The OG Dad Hat

The OG Dad Hat

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The OG Dad Hat is made for those who live every day with gratitude, appreciating where they came from and the process of getting to where they want to be. This strapback hat is available in black, white, and navy, and its adjustable closure makes it the perfect fit for anyone.

- Life of Leisure OG logo embroidery
- Available in white, black, and navy
- 100% cotton
- Strapback closure with brass buckle
- Designed in Canada

Life of Leisure started as a group of friends who were passionate about surf and travel. The OG design was the first original identifying mark of our circle. As we’ve grown as people and as friends, these passions evolved into an intense appreciation for the cultures and diverse environments on this planet. This is the reason why we create the best dad hats. Our desire to enjoy this life to the fullest remains relentless.

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t recognize where you came from. Show people where you're from with our strapback dad hats.