Leisure Water T-Shirt

Leisure Water T-Shirt

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Water is the most important substance on Earth; and this is why the new Leisure Water T-Shirt is our most important piece. Our Water Collection is meant to act as a reminder of fresh water, its scarcity, and the importance of its preservation. Humans are made up of 60% water. The planet is covered by 70% of it. With the sheer amount of sanitation issues around the world and the near billion of us who don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water, we want this organic cotton t-shirt to remind us to stay mindful. The choices we make can be part of the problem or contribute to finding a solution. Choose sustainably sourced and manufactured clothing and rep the greatest substance on Earth with our new Leisure Water T-Shirt.

- All natural, eco-friendly fabric blend - 50% organic cotton, 50% rayon from bamboo
- Moisture wicking
- Wrinkle resistant
- Modern fit
- Available in black, white, or navy
- Jersey knit
- Made in Canada

This organic cotton t-shirt, like all of our clothing, is made of entirely natural fibre and is manufactured 207 kilometers from our headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada. This limits both the carbon footprint and impact we have on local waterways. We use organic and natural fibres in all of our clothing in order to limit our impact on synthetic fibres entering our local waterways. Every time a garment made of synthetic material is washed, it releases microfibres which end up in our rivers and lakes, and is mistaken for food by aquatic creatures.

The move to organic cotton bamboo was a strategic decision that sits at the very core of our purpose: to offer sustainable, high quality products to the people we share this planet with. We do this because our beautiful planet, and the people we share it with, deserve the best.  

With our new Leisure Water T-Shirt, you’ll be able to claim your leisure, but more importantly, remind everyone around you what it means to be water conscious in today’s distracted society. The “Water” insignia, stitched on the left side of the chest, sits exactly where it should be — close to your heart.