Leisure Wool Toque

Leisure Wool Toque

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If you’re like us, you won’t let the cold weather keep you from doing the things that you love. Enter Leisure Wool Toque: our solution to staying warm and comfy while you’re out on a hike, on the ski-hill, or just enjoying the beauty of our frozen winter landscapes.

- White, black and orange toques: All natural wool. Organic cotton canvas tag
- Black & burgundy toques: Blended fibres - wool and acrylic. Organic cotton canvas tag
- Moisture wicking
- Water resistant
- Comfy Fit
- Available in white, black, or burgundy
- Made in North America

Our white, black and orange wool toques are made from the fleece of sheep, which is water-resistant as well as moisture-wicking. What’s that mean for you? The fibers in the material will let your noggin breath and eliminate perspiration if things get a little too toasty. The black and burgundy versions of this hat are made from a blend of wool and acrylic. This blend increases fiber stability and enhances insulation, which makes these two variants ideal for extremely cold temperatures. If you’re planning on climbing Everest this winter, best pick up a black & burgundy winter toque. Dream big fellow Leisurers. Dream big.

After all is said and done, there’s no need to worry about how you’re going to keep your melon warm during the cold winter months if you’re rocking a Leisure Wool Toque.

Our time is limited and the world is too big and too beautiful to waste it on small things. Even in the frigid winter months, it's about "Leisure" and not being afraid to show it. Our label, Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club, whether it's sewed on a white winter toque or a black one, represents our promise of always following our passions and never falling victim to circumstance; or cold weather.

We don't claim to be anything other than enthusiasts who appreciate the finest details in life. That’s why we considered every little detail in the creation of our wool toque. Our origins are simple, our aim is authentic: to offer high quality, sustainable products, like the Leisure Wool Toque, because our beautiful planet and the people who live here deserve the best.