Wool 5 Panel Hat

Wool 5 Panel Hat

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Five panel hats are tough, durable, and timeless — exactly what you need for your next adventure. Like painting on a canvas, you get to choose between our quintessential 'Life of Leisure', ‘Leisure’, and ‘Palm to Pine’ logos and place it on a backdrop of earth-tone tan or green.


  • Durable tweed wool construction
  • Clean, modern layout
  • Distinctively “classic” feel


Rainbow Cake — Catch some rays in our tan 5 panel hat

In the heat of the beach, you need a cool 5 panel hat that will keep you looking — and feeling — fresh. Combining modern design in a classic tan, you'll feel right at home among the dunes in this retro 5-panel hat style.

Primary Earth-tone — A green 5 panel hat that's ready for adventure

If the dunes aren't your style, we've got you covered. Featuring an army green with spattered brown tones, you'll blend in with the trees and hills as you make new discoveries and blaze new trails.