That's a Paddlin'

That's a Paddlin'

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A stand-up paddle board session designed to restore balance in our life and appreciation for our surroundings.

*This package includes basic SUP skill lessons and 1 hour of flat water paddling*

During a time when our city may tear itself in two over a bus route, we decided to go back to the mode of transportation that put us here in the first place.

We live in a city where you can turn on the tap, fill up a cup, and drink it down confidently without even knowing where it came from. Most people don't. That worries us.

You've probably heard someone older and wiser than you say something along the lines of 'life is all about balance'. We believe in old wisdom.

When the very resource that keeps us alive, gets neglected in our own backyard, we see an imbalance.

That's why we take you out into it, that beautiful thing called nature. We talk to you about why we appreciate it, how we relate to it, and why we ought to look after it.

We do it to restore balance, for you and for us. Days can quickly become squandered in front of a screen, enslaved to a growing to-do list, in pursuit of that undefined item that will make sense of everything.

We're here to remind that sometimes it's good to pause and dip your feet in the water a minute. A little gratitude for this spaceship we're all on together can go a long way!

And, we're doing it all on paddle boards!

In these sessions you get a thorough run down on how to become proficient on a paddle board, as well as deeper sense of what it means to be connected with our natural environment and why that is so important!

It all comes back to balance. We believe if you can find it on a board, you can find it in life.