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Unstructured 6 Panel Hat - Life of Leisure

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Six panel hats are a rugged option that can be worn anytime, anywhere. What defines a 6 panel hat? A durable, low profile build that keep up with whatever you're doing. Choose a colour and start looking as leisurely as you live.


  • Unconstructed 6 Panels
  • Slightly-distressed cotton twill
  • Low profile 6 panel crown
  • High-quality fit


    Faded Black — A black 6 panel hat for any occasion

    Nothing says “tough but approachable” like a classic black hat. With a beat-in, gently-used look, you’ll give off a vibe that won’t go unnoticed.

    Crispy Shore — Relive the beauty of the waves with this green option

    There’s a certain type of feeling that comes with waking up next to the ocean, walking to the beach, and seeing perfectly shaped green waves. Try out this colour and feel the crisp!

    Horizon Line — This blue blurs the lines between sea and sky

    When you’re looking out over the water, the sky seems to become one with the sea. Blend in — and stand out — with this dazzling colour.

    Erie Sunset — An orange that smolders like the setting sun

    Everyday when the sun goes down, it turns a beautiful blend of red, yellow, and orange. If you want to make the lasting impression that a sunset does, try out this look.